We accompany you from project planning through project control to the independent realization of partial or complete projects. We have experts in all areas to support you in the regular production process or in campaigns and new projects worldwide.

Quality Management

Whether hardware and software, high-voltage components, seating and interieur or classic sheet metal, surface and mechanics - we are specialists in quality management and have experts in all areas to support you during the production process or with campaigns and new projects worldwide.

The perfect function and appearance of all vehicle components is absolutely relevant to the customer. We conduct testing of software, electronic functions and mechanical components as well as the assessment of material quality and surface finishes for you.

Functional safety
Safety-related functions in vehicles require a high level of reliability. At the same time, with the complexity of electronic and programmable systems, the possibility of errors increases. To avoid systematic errors, we test safety-relevant systems for you, analyze specification and implementation errors as well as random errors.

Launch Management
In new projects management, it is important to present the subsequent series process as transparently as possible and to plan it reliably in advance. Our experts work with you to develop strategies for error prevention (Advanced Product Quality Planning, APQP) and advanced quality planning (QVP). We will also be happy to support you with quantity-related test runs such as run @ rate / 2-day production.

Measurement Technology
Exact adherence to the dimensions of components, the body and the entire vehicle is an essential aspect of quality management. We support this requirement with our own 3D measuring technology (e.g. measuring arm) or measuring equipment provided by our customers. In addition, our specialists take on the programming of 3D measuring machines and measuring systems.

Supplier support
Quality begins with the purchased parts. That is why quality management is as important to the suppliers as it is to the manufacturer itself. We know the requirements and provide support in supplier development and supplier auditing. We carry out process approvals and run @ rate / 2-day test runs on your behalf on site.

Audits are an integral part of the QM system - either because they are prescribed or because you want to ensure certain standards and exclude systematic errors along the entire process chain from the supplier through production to delivery. We take on process audits and supplier audits on your behalf, both internally and externally.

BUTSCH for Customers

Whether hardware and software, high-voltage components or classic sheet metal, surface and mechanics, we have experts in all areas to support you in regular production processes or in campaigns and start-ups worldwide.

BUTSCH for Applicants

The best work for us - be part of it! Anyone interested in vehicles, their development, technology and production has come to the right place at BUTSCH and is guaranteed to find the right job with us. And if you want, you can also get to know many interesting locations around the world.


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