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Our Values

... are the principles and policies that are the basis of conducting our business.

Safety, Health, and the Environment

Our approach to Safety, Health, and the Environment is proactive. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of safety and health management and the minimization of environmental impacts.

Human Resources

Our employment policies are non-discriminatory and comply with all current legislation. Everyone has
equal opportunities, irrespective of race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or nationality.
We do not tolerate harassment.

Ethical Standards

We commit ourselves to conduct our business with honesty and integrity. Our approach has zero
tolerance for the making or receiving of bribes, or corrupt payments in any form, and we expect the
same standards of those with whom we do business.

Compliance with Laws

We commit ourselves to conduct our business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations,
and in conformity with all relevant codes of business practice.


We aim to win business in a high-value manner, furthermore, we do not employ unfair methods.

Gender Pay difference

We equally pay men and women who carry out the same job, similar job, or work of equal value.